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Sunningdale Technologies

The start of Sunningdale Mexico was in 2001 and is strategically located in the cost competitive regions serving many multi- national corporations of American, European and Japan origin in the 4 main business segments, namely Automotive, Consumer / IT / Telecommunications, Healthcare and Tooling. The 4 different segments are also very different by nature and need a lot of attention. Furthermore, the company has certifications for ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001.

Our motivation to participate in this initiative

With this initiative we have the possibility to exchange experiences and ideas with other companies which are active in the environmental sector. Besides, it makes no difference whether in the introduction or further development of the existing environmental system is involved.

Exchanging experiences with others is pretty helpful and important for us. Due to that we have already had positive results in waste reduction and employee awareness. We can learn from what others have experienced.

Sunningdale Technologies S.A de C.V
Camino al ITESO 8900 2C Col. Pinar de la Calma

Noemi Gil
Coordinador SSYMA
Tel. +33 31344090