The Network

One important factor for the implementation of Continental’s environmental strategy 2020 “creating sustainable solutions” is improving the sustainability performance of its global supply chain. Continental therefore entered into a collaborative partnership with a group of suppliers in Mexico. Together with Arqum GmbH, an international consultancy for sustainability, the project “Sustainability Network in the Mexican Supply Chain” was launched in 2016.

The key idea of this network is to jointly identify and tackle challenges for practically implementing environmental protection and energy efficiency on the basis of integrated approach to knowledge and best-practice sharing, onsite consultancy and tailor-made training.

Going beyond current practice of customer-supplier cooperation, the network hence not only provides a communication forum but also allows concrete solutions to be jointly discussed, identified and operationalized and for them to be implemented into their operations. For this reason, the project is supported by DEG, the German Investment and Development Corporation, member of the state-owned KfW Banking Group, as part of its “develoPPP.de” support program.

“Closer networking and a more intensive exchange of experiences between our suppliers in Mexico are aimed at improving the environmental performance of all project partners, including Continental itself. In the end, it is primarily about making a joint contribution to sustainable development.”

Jim Egner, Environmental Manager for NAFTA