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Continental was founded in Hannover in 1871 and develops intelligent technologies for transporting people and their goods. As a reliable partner, the international automotive supplier, tire manufacturer, and industrial partner provides sustainable, safe, comfortable, individual, and affordable solutions.

Continental’s environmental management system was developed and successively introduced worldwide in 1992 based on the BASICS. The aim of the system is to minimize the use of resources in particular, and to ensure that environmental pollution is reduced on an ongoing basis. Location-specific objectives to reduce consumption and environmental impact play a particularly important role.

Since the introduction of the ISO 14001 standard in 1996, certification at Continental has also been conducted according to this international environmental management standard. Compliance with targets is reviewed by means of regular internal and external audits conducted as part of ISO 14001.

Climate protection is part of our ecological and social responsibility. Our products and technologies also bear witness to this.

We invest in research and technologies for the reduction of CO2 emissions – both in production and in the use of products. For example, we work on products and systems that reduce the emissions of other pollutant gases, for instance from air conditioning systems. By making ever greater use of renewable raw materials (natural rubber, plant-based oils), we are also helping to conserve natural resources.

Continental reduces the energy consumption of vehicles by using innovative technologies – a significant contribution to the sustainability of individual mobility. This is achieved, on the one hand, by reducing the weight of our products so that less energy is required to power the vehicle. On the other hand, continuous improvements of our products, for example in the rolling and friction resistance of tires, engines, and transmissions, also play a role. These improvements mean less energy is required to overcome such resistance, which also reduces the CO2 emissions.

Product responsibility extends over a product’s entire life cycle. This begins with the raw materials used and covers the development, production, use, and recycling of the product.

Continental takes on the development and production according to the best possible standards to minimize the impact on health and the environment, while the customers ensure that products are used for their designated purpose.

Our ISO 9001-certified quality management system, which is in place at all of our sites worldwide and is subject to regular recertification, contains detailed specifications regarding product safety and quality. After all, it is the basis on which we fulfill the diverse range of demands placed on us by the manufacturer primarily in the area of product responsibility. This includes minimizing the fuel consumption of vehicles.

Thanks to our products and technologies, we not only enable this to happen, but also constantly seek new ways to bring about further optimization. As a result, we make a valuable contribution to sustainable mobility. We consider the creation of products that significantly improve road safety to be yet another major benefit of our work to society, one that we pursue – like environmental protection – in our research and development.

When using raw materials, we endeavor to utilize natural resources in a conscientious manner.

The aim of forward-looking product development is to take appropriate measures – by using renewable raw materials for example – to minimize a product’s impact on human beings and the environment.

Continental’s research and development departments assume a central responsibility in this regard. In accordance with the corporation’s ESH policy, their work focuses in part on minimizing or avoiding pollution of the environment.

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