How does it work?

Going beyond current practices of collaboration between suppliers and customers, the Network follows an integrated approach. It consists of three working modules which are implemented in parallel during a year: collaborative workshops, onsite consultancy and tailor-made training.

In a series of 6 full-day professionally moderated workshops the energy and environmental managers of the participating supplier companies and Continental sites exchange experiences and know-how on proven methods, technological and organizational solutions for more efficient operational use of resources and energy. Besides best-practices presented by the managers themselves, experts contribute presentations on the related topics. The topics are selected jointly by the suppliers and Continental and include:

  • Environmental management and the transition to ISO 14001:2015, energy management according to ISO 50001, lighting, staff motivation, waste water treatment and water management, data collection and data analysis

  • Operation and reduction of hazardous substances, calculation of economic viability, CO2 emissions hazardous waste and waste reduction

  • PV and ventilation

In addition, possibilities for improving the collaboration with Continental in the field of environmental and energy management are also developed.

Concurrently, an individual consultancy is conducted at each participating company. The consultancy module aims at developing and implementing concrete and measurable actions programs for improving energy efficiency and environmental management. Therefore, the topics presented and discussed in the workshops are operationalized in the context of each individual company in line with a systematic procedure.

As a third pillar of the project tailor-made training will be conducted in the participating companies in order to further raise the environmental awareness and instruct the experts of the respective company on individual chosen topics.